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Ediciones Espiral Eterna, provides and manages the licenses on behalf of Leo Brouwer.



Great Law

A Mechanical License is an agreement between an interested user and the owner of a work protected by copyright, which grants permission to publish the work in an audio-only format (streams, digital downloads, CDs, vinyl).

A Synchronization License is required when a musical work is used in combination with another medium, generally visual, and is most commonly sought for use on RADIO, TV SHOWS, ONLINE ADVERTISING, MOVIES, TRAILERS, etc.

Our publisher issues a sync license for the use of the underlying copyright of the music, which will be separate from the master license issued by the record label for existing recordings. The conditions of the synchronization license issued are subject to negotiation, author / publisher approval and the payment of a synchronization fee, which will vary depending on the medium requested, the territory of exploitation and the duration of use.

A Grand Law license is required whenever a dramatic or staged performance of a musical work takes place, for example, involving any of the following elements: Theater, Dance, Mime, Narration, Stage, or Costume.

The music may have been composed specifically for that purpose (eg a ballet, an opera), or existing works may be used in a dramatic setting.

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