Leo Brouwer Office Fellows | Eternal Spiral Editions 2020-2021

- Mileidy Polanco Somohano Bachelor of Design at the Higher Institute of Industrial Design (ISDI)

- Odelis Tamayo Ortiz Bachelor of Music, guitar specialty, at the Higher Institute of Art (ISA)




Organized by : Leo Brouwer Office and Ediciones Espiral Eterna (publishing house of Mtro. Leo Brouwer) based in Havana, Cuba - from now on OLB / EEE.

Aid aimed at young Cubans (up to 35 years old) who opt for official postgraduate studies, masters and doctorates in the autonomous community of Castilla y León, Spain.

Estimated areas: Design and Visual Communication, Community manager and Intellectual Property.


Sending CV and more info to: brouwer39@gmail.com


The OLB / EEE Scholarships are part of our institutional support program for young Cubans (up to 35 years old) who opt for official postgraduate studies, masters and doctorates to be carried out in the autonomous community of Castilla y León, Spain, preferably in the Valladolid provinces , León, Burgos and Salamanca.

In previous editions the scholarships have been directed to musicians and visual artists, with no direct link with the OLB / EEE during the duration of the scholarship. This year the call will have the particularity, as a conditioning factor, that the scholarship recipients would be linked as an external work or academic practice with the OLB / EEE, combining their studies of improvement with work.

This call will be governed by the principles of competition, transparency and equal treatment between candidates.

OLB / EEE reserves the right to make changes to this contest and its development at any time, when there is a cause attributable or not to OLB / EEE that conditions it, without any liability arising. The changes would be communicated to the candidates.

OLB / EEE will offer two scholarships for university graduates who have been accepted to carry out official postgraduate, master or doctorate studies at universities and higher education centers in the autonomous community of Castilla y León, preferably in the provinces of Valladolid, León, Burgos and Salamanca and that they meet the requirements required in this call. One of them is that the scholarship holders carry out their research for the final postgraduate projects, TFM and doctoral theses on topics of interest to the OLB / EEE.

Estimated areas:

  • Design and visual communication

  • Community manager

  • Intellectual property


School studies will be considered from February 2021 including the 2021-2022 academic year (starting between September-October 2021) and with a duration between one and two years. The initial duration of the scholarship will be twelve months, extendable for another maximum period of twelve months, in case of fulfilling their obligations as a fellow and their relationship with OLB / EEE.

The admission of applications will begin on October 6 and will end on December 1, 2020. Those interested should write to: brouwer39@gmail.com providing the requirements of this call. The results will be communicated on December 10, 2020. In the case of those selected for these scholarships, they will be sent the documentation that proves their status as OLB / EEE scholarship holder, which includes the binding agreement between the parties.

The Scholarships will have a generality of aid for the following concepts:

  • International mobility in economy class (air ticket Havana-Madrid-Havana)

  • Ground transportation: Madrid-city of Castilla y León-Madrid (in the initial trip)

  • S ECURITY health in Spanish territory.

  • P ago of € 1,000 at the end of the studies, prior report and certification of grades by the Teaching Secretary or the Evaluation Board of the Final Postgraduate, Master or Doctorate Project.

Considering the particularities of each fellow, OLB / EEE will offer extra help for the following eligible items:

  • Contribution to their maintenance in terms of accommodation and food during the period of validity of the scholarship and the provision of services (such as work practice) to the OLB / EEE.

  • An initial amount for tuition or academic fees for a maximum amount of € 200 as a single payment.

  • An economic contribution that may include variable amounts linked to academic excellence from the third month of studies between € 100-€ 200 per month.

The OLB / EEE may contact the candidates to conduct an interview and / or clarify any aspect it deems necessary about the project, training and motivation of the candidate. Likewise, it may declare the call void in the event that the candidates do not meet the required requirements and that the proposed projects do not have sufficient quality in the opinion of the evaluation committee. The duration of the scholarship will not exceed the time of the academic year previously agreed and consigned in the agreement between the parties.


To qualify for these scholarships, the candidate must send the following documents to: brouwer39@gmail.com, leaving the application submitted for all purposes:

  • Curriculum vitae (with current photograph).

  • Copy of the Bachelor's / Bachelor's degree of the career and specialty studied.

  • Copy of the title / certificate accrediting the language level.

  • Resolution or letter of admission issued by the University or Higher Education Center of Castilla y León accepting and granting the enrollment to the official Postgraduate, Master or Doctorate studies.

  • Proposal or project report to carry out during your internship at the OLB / EEE (maximum length of 1 page).

  • Proposal of the possible research project for the Final Postgraduate, TFM or Doctorate Project (maximum length of 1 page).

Language proficiency will be taken into account, especially English, accredited by title or, failing that, demonstrating your knowledge of the language through a video.

It is important that candidates start the application process for admission to these studies well in advance to be able to present the required admission letter. Each University / Institution establishes its own admission deadline that is rigid and requires preparation time. They must be in direct contact with the institutions to find out about the requirements and the documentation they must provide.

References of interest:


Applications completed electronically that do not meet the required requirements will not be considered. In the event that candidates write requesting more information, they will be contacted by email.

Candidates who submit the complete documentation will receive an email with the receipt of acceptance of their application that they must keep to prove, if necessary, their application in a timely manner.

The candidate can present as many projects as he wishes to the three specialties that are the object of these Grants.

The candidate must take responsibility in the request for the veracity of all the data included in the request, which must subsequently be proven by providing the original of the titles or certified photocopies.

If the existence of falsification of the necessary requirements for the granting of the scholarship or of concealment of the circumstances that would have determined its denial is verified, in these cases, the granted scholarship will be canceled or denied.

Once the resolution of the scholarship has been made, the scholarship recipients will be required:

  • National identity document and passport visa with student visa by the Consulate of Spain in Havana

  • Signature of the agreement between the OLB / EEE and the fellow.


The selection of candidates will be carried out in two phases:

  • In the first, the documentation provided by the candidates will be evaluated.

  • In the second, two finalist candidates by specialty that have obtained the highest evaluation in the first phase will be evaluated, assessing the proposal or project report as the main scale, awarding up to 50% of the total score.

The selection of the Fellows will be final and unappealable, and there is no recourse against it. The beneficiaries of the scholarships awarded will be published in www.eeebrouwer.com in the SCHOLARSHIPS section, it being understood that

the rest of the candidates presented were rejected as their names did not appear published. Also,

Interested parties may write directly to: brouwer39@gmail.com during the selection process. OLB / EEE may also communicate by email to notify both the award and the denial of scholarships.



OLB / EEE will designate a coordinator for each selected project who will monitor it. OLB / EEE reserves the right to suspend aid contributions if the coordinator considers that the project is not being complied with in general terms. At the end of the work, a report with the results of the research project carried out (TFM) must be delivered to OLB / EEE, through the designated coordinator. OLB / EEE may communicate with the secretariats of the educational centers in order to have updated information on the scholarship holders.

The scholarship recipients would be committed to:

  • Communicate that you have received an OLB / EEE Scholarship to the department / school / faculty of the University that will conduct the studies.

  • allocate the scholarship to the purpose for which it is granted, understood as enrollment, class attendance and passing / approval of subjects and postgraduate, master or doctorate credits, maintaining their status as an OLB / EEE scholarship holder.

  • undergo verification to verify compliance and effectiveness of the conditions for granting the scholarship, maintaining regular contacts with the coordinator and delivering the reports requested on the progress of their studies.

  • notify the OLB / EEE of the obtaining of other grants or scholarships for the same purpose, from any national or international administration or public or private entity.

  • inform OLB / EEE of the cancellation of enrollment as well as any alteration of the conditions taken into account for the granting of the scholarship.


It will be understood that the scholarship has not been used for the purpose for which it was awarded in the following cases:

  • Cancellation of enrollment or de facto abandonment of studies.

  • At the time of the final degree project, the scholarship holder has not submitted said project within a year from the date of commencement of studies.

  • Not having attended 30 percent or more of the teaching hours.

  • Not having exceeded 30 percent of the subjects, credits or hours enrolled, in ordinary or extraordinary call.

  • Not having passed the full academic year.


The personal data of the candidate will be treated by OLB / EEE in a lawful, confidential, loyal, transparent, limited, accurate and up-to-date manner. The basis that legitimizes the processing of your personal data is the consent you have given OLB / EEE when participating in the call. The data will be kept for the period necessary to fulfill the aforementioned purposes. The candidate may exercise rights of access, rectification, limitation and deletion of the treatment of their data as well as the revocation of the consent granted to OLB / EEE for the treatment thereof, directing their request to: brouwer39@gmail.com